Agriculture Statistical Data has a wide coverage of rural areas, which is helpful to make estimates, plan and forecast the agricultural operation; provides new techniques and methodologies to planners. IndiastatAgri employs vast Statistical Data on Agricultural Area/Land Use, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Export, Agricultural Imports, Agricultural Output/Input, Agricultural Institutional Finance, Agricultural Insurance, Agricultural Land Holdings, Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural off take Allocation and Procurement, Agricultural Prices, Agricultural Schemes, Agricultural Stocks, Agricultural Wages, Agricultural Workforce, Animal Husbandry/Livestock, Cold storages, Consumption of Fertilisers, Consumption of Pesticides, Cost of Cultivation/Production, Fisheries (Aquaculture), Horticulture, HYVP Crops, Irrigation, Kisan Credit Card, Meteorological Data, Milk and Dairy Products, Poultry, Seeds, Spices, Warehouses, Water Resources and Wool Production.

Agricultural Area/Land Use
Agricultural Co-operatives
Agricultural Education
Agricultural Exports
Agricultural Implements and Machinery
Agricultural Imports
Agricultural Indices
Agricultural Input-Output
Agricultural Institutional Finance
Agricultural Insurance
Agricultural Land Holdings
Agricultural Marketing
Agricultural Offtake Allocation and Procurement
Agricultural Prices
Agricultural Production
Agricultural Schemes
Agricultural Stocks
Agricultural Subsidy
Agricultural Wages
Agricultural Workforce
Animal Husbandry/Livestock
Cold Storage
Consumption of Fertilisers
Consumption of Pesticides
Cost of Cultivation/Production
Fisheries (Aquaculture)
HYVP Crops
Kisan Credit Card
Meteorological Data
Milk and Dairy Products
Water Resources
Wool Production
(Estimated as of now)
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